I came across a tiny secret today, which has always been there, but it’s been so trivial that I’ve never noticed so far.

Then suddenly it happened today. I saw it and understood it. And I smiled. It was true. It’s still true.

A funny scene comes to my mind from the film “Down with Love”:

– Can you keep a secret?
– Yes.
– Me too.

But this is not a situation like that. I am pleased to share it, to make others become aware of this trifle (not the dessert😉) that at the same time, may bring a huge change into the hustle and bustle of daily life.

“Misery is impossible with gratefulness.”

It’s as simple as that.

Once we let the feeling of gratitude in, we forget about complaining and grumbling. And once we run out of complaining and grumbling, misery disappears too.

Thus, only the heart-warming feeling of Gratitude remains that brings not only light but wonders into your life, but above all, it brings a big smile to your face.

Be Grateful every moment. Feel Gratitude for those little miracles that are around you right now. Or simply be Grateful for the Gift of Life.

I would like to share one of my favourite poems here:

Sándor Márai: Gift

And yet, even today, even so,
how much life gives us eternally!
It gives silently, with both hands,
the morning, the afternoon,
the twilight and all the stars,
the stuffy smell of trees,
the green waves of the river,
the reflection of someone’s eyes,
loneliness and loud noise!
How much it gives, how wealthy I am,
each time of day,
each single moment!
It is all gift,
wonderful gift.
I make a deep bow
and thank for it so.