Become Better


Today I came across one of my favourite films on TV: As Good As It Gets.

I could write why I adore that dog or why I am amazed by Jack Nicholson acting perfectly in his role, but instead, I would highlight only 1 sentence that is a pivotal scene in the film as well:

“You make me want to be a better man.”

Okay, yes, it’s a romantic scene, but I suddenly realised what my long-term objective is and not necessarily for this year only, but it’ll work as a New Year’s resolution for 2022 too.

I would love to become a better person because of Myself. Those people who really know me, are aware of the long way I’ve come so far to be the person who I am. However, we know that it is a life-long journey as well as learning.

I feel, I’ve reached the part where I can really enjoy this journey and I look forward to whatever it may bring to me.

Yes, I wished a great amount of patience for myself for this year (too) since I’m not so good at it, but that’s the point in it as there is always something that can be better, can improve, can grow in and can show a new side of us.

This year holds a lot of wonderful new experiences and lessons for all of us that provide us an opportunity to become better.

So today has strengthened the fact in me namely that Love of Myself is sufficient motivation in making me want to be a better person.

Only for Myself because I deserve it.