Who am I

Jung says: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

Our past doesn’t form our future and it is not our past experiences that define who we are. Yes, they become part of us, though they only contribute to reach a moment, to get somewhere we had to get in this life.

During the journey called life we can change our destiny, go in a new direction or find a completely new road for ourselves at only 1 place and time.

Here and Now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow.

Now we can make a decision where we keep going. Now we can recognise if we would like to do it in a different way. Now we can set off on that journey and take the first step. Actually, the most important step. The first one. It doesn’t have to be big, only a small, brave one that can lead to the next that makes it possible for the journey to continue tomorrow as well.

But now it is still today. Today I’m going to do what I’d like and do not wait until tomorrow. I do not procrastinate any more as it is important for me, what’s more, it is so important that nothing is more important that that. Enough of the idea that it will be different. There were too many if and later…

Now. Here. For Myself. Because I Love Myself 😊