change is good

Change is good, but it’s not always easy. Since the past can be painful, the future can be scary as we do not know it. 

I wonder, do we necessarily have to know the future to be able to face anything and everything life will bring to us?

The pain of the past can teach us how to avoid similar situations or how to learn from the ‘mistakes’ of the past, which are only decisions that were made before we got to know what we do know now.

It doesn’t matter how long we have been striving to do everything to escape from facing the consequences of our previous decisions and former happenings; that’s all in the past now.

We cannot change it. It’s no use of reliving old memories again and again in mind, since it is only our brain fooling us that withholds us to recognise and live the wonders of the present.

Because the only possible time we can change anything is the PRESENT MOMENT.  

NOW I can identify my old patterns.

NOW I can say “It’s enough”.

NOW I can make a different decision.

NOW I can do things differently.

NOW I can create a freer and nicer future for myself.

Don’t forget, everything seems difficult before it gets easy and a tiny step is a step.

So, Live NOW, Act NOW and Create a better tomorrow by every single step you take for YOURSELF, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but NOW! 😊