„If you can’t fly then run,
If you can’t run then walk,
If you can’t walk then crawl,
but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

/Martin Luther King/

Ildi Fodor

Coaching & Teaching

From a Language Teacher giving direct instructions through being a Soft Skill Trainer providing practical tips led the way to become a Coach, who, supported by her experiences and personality, creates a trustful atmosphere in which is capable of practicing active listening as well as asking questions and sharing her views based on the information heard, meanwhile supporting you as a learning facilitator to get you closer and closer to the answers to your questions and so to the accomplishment of your aims.

Pillars of My Work


In order to create trust, it is essential to create a safe atmosphere in which all parties can freely reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings.


My endless enthusiasm towards new things and experiences, as well as people and my work that sweetens even those days that seem tiring.


I am truly committed to my clients and my work, since my aim is to provide the most appropriate assistance during our cooperation.



2021 – Tour Guide (EFEB Oktatási Központ)


Qualified Business Coach (Coach School)


Soft Skill Trainer (Juventus Language Group)


CELTA (LAL Torbay Language Centre)


Starting Teaching


Soft Skill Trainings


The Opportunity is Here


If you desire a change or feel being stuck


If you would like to start, restart or improve your English language knowledge

Experiential Tours

If you are curious and would like to go on an adventure