Self–awareness, personal development, learning

– following the way to change

“If you need something to believe in,
start with Yourself!”

How can I help you?


With the help of Coaching it becomes possible to achieve all the aims in your work and private life as well that requires change as an indispensable element, since the process itself already opens new doors.


Learning the (general or business) English is a colourful and joyful process in which the various language skills improve on a theoretical and practical level thus the learner becomes a confident language user.

Experiential Tours

During the programmes, besides learning through playful activities, you are enriched by experiences as well, you can meet new people and can even explore new sides and treasures of 
well-known places.

Who and how can I help?

My clients have a great desire to change and seek for mindfulness besides would like to accomplish change regarding their working and private life in a supportive and trusted atmosphere by reaching a higher level of self-awareness.

As a Coach, being in a supportive role, I help those, who are ready to face their mirrors, accept and understand their good and bad sides, what’s more, act mindfully in order to become happier and more satisfied not only at their workplace but in their private life as well.

As a Soft Skill Trainer, being the facilitator of learning, I convey techniques and tools to improve my clients’ communication, interpersonal and social skills as well as their confidence with the help of practical
examples and tasks thus I can promote more effective conflict management, problem solving, in addition to the successful application of presentation, argumentation and negotiation skills.
As an ESL Language Teacher, I do not only teach useful structures and phrases of General and Business English, but I pay a lot of attention to the language user’s personalized needs and blocks and above all, to the acquisition of practices, rules and diverse expressions required for improvement as well as to the exploration of various techniques to express their thoughts in a colourful and sophisticated way.

About me

It’s been a long way from being an ESL Language Teacher, as well as starting working as a Language and Soft Skills Trainer to become a Life and Business Coach, and yet all my experiences so far were necessary for me to become an open-minded and receptive coach, trainer and language teacher who believes in change and balance relentlessly and whose biggest aim is to help more and more people reach their goals.

 Ildi Fodor


“Working with you is a very positive memory for me. What I’d highlight from the professional side, is flexibility and particularly the endless creativity used in developing newer and newer methods, games and tasks to convey knowledge. At the same time, the relaxed atmosphere you can create around yourself is important. Your positive outlook on life is exemplary that you transmit in all circumstances. All in all, our cooperation helped me a lot to improve rapidly and solve complex professional tasks with confidence. And especially, to be able to establish the self-esteem required for that. I thank you for that.”

Dr. Dániel H. Nagy

„I really loved working with You as I felt, beyond “classic” teaching of English, you were always able to pay attention to the participants’ actual emotional state and energy level as well as respond properly to the given situation. Due to your easy-going manner, you could lighten the mood and reduce the stress of the participants since the beginning, so everyone could do their best in the “safe” and friendly atmosphere you created. Personally, I would also recommend you as a Coach because I got to know you as someone who is emotionally stable and is capable of “actively listen’ to others.”

Zsuzsa Jencsel

„I attended Ildi’s classes for three years and I can tell that it was a pleasure to improve my English with her. She planned the lessons in the way which suited me the best, thus I could make a gradual progress in learning English. Not until I decided to take a language exam did I realise how useful her lessons were. After a lot of learning and practice, I could pass an advanced language exam! ”

Zsófia Kónya

„Lessons with Ildi are like a chat with a friend. She is flexible in topics but fortunately strict in grammar and pronunciation. I’ve improved my overall English skills especially my speaking”

Péter Agócs

„I really liked Ildi’s enthusiasm and cheerfulness in her introduction, I immediately felt I would like to work with her for sure. Our Coaching sessions were well-built, we managed to reveal surprising things and connections every time that helped me find the right direction later on. ”

Renáta Szilágyi 

Ildi is the best teacher I’ve ever met.She knows what students need.The lessons are well sturctured, she also pays attention to grammar and vocabulary development. And last but not least she has a very good sense of humor so every lesson is enjoyable.

Klaudia Kovács

Thought-provoking ideas

The Tale of the Two Wolves

The tale of the two wolves is a Native American parable, which origin is associated with Cherokee Indians by historians. The story has more alternative titles including “The Wolves Within” or “Which One Do You Feed?”.
The story features two characters: a grandfather and his grandson. The grandfather explains to his grandson that there are two wolves fighting within him, which is an image that serves as a metaphor for the man’s inner sense of conflict.
The conversation between them goes like this: …