“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts; it is acquiring understanding”

/William Arthur Ward/

For Me Teaching…

makes it possible to get to know my students’ personality, strengths and weaknesses thus I become capable of improve their skills in a personalized way. Each student that I have the opportunity to work with teaches or conveys something to me as well, whether it is an enjoyable story or the sense of achievement being shared. Therefore, while besides teaching I can see how they leave their comfort zone, I improve and learn at the same time too that motivates me and inspires me to become better and better in my work.

As a Soft Skill Trainer, I can convey and share knowledge by experience, improve interpersonal and professional skills and competencies, and at the same time to pay special attention not only to targeted development of foreign language skills but also to make the participants acquire and deepen terminology and idiomatic phrases used in situations.

For me, motivation, willingness and perseverance are the three essential pillars of successful language learning. I do believe that we are capable of everything and anything in life and our biggest obstacle is ourselves that only we can overcome.

So, I can help you to make the process of a language learning enjoyable and entertaining that is full of success.

Common topics in Teaching

Improving Language Skills in General/Business English

(Reading, Writing, Listening, Oral skills)

Improving actual language knowledge

(Grammar Organizer Course, Boosting Oral skills)

Job Interview Preparation

(Q&A, interview practice)

Language Exam Preparation

(EURO, LanguageCert, Társalkodó, IELTS, CAE)

Preparation for Secondary School-Leaving Exam/ Entrance Examination


Assertive/Confident communication

(communication styles, acquiring effective communication)

Time Management

(learning efficient time management tools)

Presentation Skills

(from making a presentation to giving a presentation)

Language of Meetings/ Negotiation techniques

(acquiring communication strategies for meetings and negotiations)

Job Search/ Career Development

(from writing CVs to Job interview)

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