“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

/Susan Sontag/

For me Experiential Tours…

My own journey of self-discovery in the last 10 years, as well as the experiences gained through this, inspired me to set off on the physical level too and by utilising the skills gained from other areas and my enthusiasm I would like to explore places and share stories with others, who are open for new adventures and experiences, as

Travelling has less to do with seeing things than experiencing them.” /Nicholas Sparks/

I believe travelling is not only an experience, but an opportunity to start following a path towards your inner self, getting to know yourself by exploring the world. As our journey in the outside can lead us to our inner self, therefore we can get to know newer and newer sides of ourselves. Meanwhile we spend our time in a great company in a good mood.

During my work I strive to combine my skills gained through teaching English and Coaching, thus to organise programmes that are beyond some time spent together, are educational and colourful experiences as well.

As a result I created the programme called “ONLY ENGLISH, PLEASE”, when the participants visit places that can be well-known, however this time, they can see it a from a completely different viewpoint, as they can improve their English language skills in a colourful and playful way. At the same time, they can be enriched by new experiences and new connections by meeting new people or simply they can just try out what it would feel like being a tourist somewhere they have been several times.

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